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Music is a form of communication, the way we speak without words and the sound of emotion.

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Kiffie: Art-Pop Composer

Why I Make Music

I am Kiffie. I compose music and write songs to try to explain how I feel and to ask questions.

I use 3 main instruments: A Korg Minilogue XD, A Roland TR08 Rhythm Composer and a Yamaha P121 Digital Piano. 

I have released 5 albums so far. The sixth is a re-release of 'eight ways it ends' using new production skills.

'eight ways it ends'  - I feel alone. Why are we being lied to?

'after the end' - I need you. What happens if you leave?

'exclamation marks' - I am angry. Why did this happen? 

'who will be left' - I am so confused. Why are we doing nothing?

'the ninth way' - I feel different. Why can't I forget?

'eight ways it ends' is available to order on CD for £11.99 (including postage) using the contact form below. 

All my music is available to buy from bandcamp. Please follow the link below.

I hope you enjoy my music and want to know more.     - Kiffie

Audio Equipment

All my music is composed and produced  in a home studio. I use instinct to play real instruments that I can feel and touch.

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Orders and Contact

Fill in this form to order a physical CDs or  for all other enquiries.

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