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Highlights of 2021


An Introduction to 'The Dreamer'.


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'I want to start again and live another life'

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I am Kiffie. I compose music and write songs to try to explain how I feel and to ask questions.

I use a Korg Minilogue XD, A Roland TR8s, a Yamaha P121 Digital Piano, a Gibson SG and a Vox amplifier. 

I have released 12 albums in 2021.

'eight ways it ends' 

'after the end' 

'exclamation marks'

'who will be left'

'the ninth way'


'The Dreamer'

'Kandy Karnival'

'Ancient Witness'


'Arise Reprise'

'How to Build a Boy'


All my music is available to buy from Bandcamp. Please follow the link below.

I hope you enjoy my music and want to know more.     - Kiffie

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Independent Music Reviews by Kiffie

Review of E.P. FOUR
by Pocket Lint

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Reviews of Kiffie's Music

I would like to thank everyone who offers to review my music. Your time and dedication are given freely, your honesty and advice is hugely appreciated.

The links below will take you to the websites or pages of reviewers that have reviewed 'How to Build a Boy'. Whilst you are there, check out the reviews of other artists too and discover more about these amazing supporters of independent music.

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A review by Neil March (TrustTheDoc)

Thank you for the pain sees him kick off in ambient mood before octave synth bass patterns drive it into full-on Synth Pop mode while his appealing upper register voice delivers a catchy tune with multi-tracked harmonies over a swirling, reverberant mass of sound. Then, just as you think the track is about to end, it switches to a slowed down, partly stripped back version of the chorus that could almost be Supertramp with a dash of Paul McCartney. All in all, an unexpected and impressive finale to a fine track.

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A review by Bleikreisel

'A big part of what makes Kiffie’s songs so listenable and interesting is his voice, because it speaks, it has something to say to us, something personal, and he is reaching out to us...  His voice, repetitive and vulnerable, but he does not surrender. Kiffie as a vocalist and songwriter has all the qualities, that would have brought him success in the golden age of Synth Pop'.

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